Mac Mini

Why a Mac?
My ageing home built PC required it's bi-annual reinstall of Windows but was also struggling to keep up with modern demands of the PC environment and had reached the end of it's useful life. After all, it had (essentially) lasted 6 years having suffered a notorious 'Death Star' harddrive failure after just 2 years. I took advantage of this to rehome it in a better case, 2 new bigger disks, DVD CDRW Drive and a decent TFT screen.

The Options
Self Build: Having previously built my own PC using some new parts and canabalising others from my old PC I was happy to build another one but what about my peripherals? I installed Kubuntu on my second harddrive and found that the most important of my peripherals (Printer and Scanner) aren't supported!
New PC running Vista: So what about Vista? This had a bigger problem - not only was my printer and scanner not supported, neither was my PDA! Grrrrrrr!
A Mac: The Mac then? Surely that won't support my peripherals either? WRONG! They are all supported - Hurrah! Play Time then! Off to the local Apple Store armed with a list of things to try and questions to ask. 2 Hours later my mind was made up - a Mac Mini it was. But not yet. I'll wait for Leopard to come out so I don't have to pay for an upgrade a few months after buying a new machine.

So what's it really like?
Speed - it's so fast.
Peace and Quiet - it's so quiet.
Size - it's so small.
Keyboard and mouse - quite possibly the best ones I've ever used.
Periferals just work - Printer/Scanner, Phone, external harddrive.
Time Machine Backup - just turn on the external harddrive and it backs up.

Having to install Leopard as the unit was shipped with Tiger.
'Home' and 'End' buttons work on a document level, not a line level.

How to...
Install software
Right Click as in Windows
Find Thunderbird profile home
Find Firefox profile home
Cut N Paste - CMD X/C/V instead of CTRL X/C/V
Add Apps to start up
Function Delete - Windows delete key
CMD delete - straight to trash
Changing file associations


I work as a Database and Transaction Manager Systems Programmer.


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I like tinkering about with my Land Rover which always has a short (ish) list of things that need doing to it.


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As well as web design and Land Rovers, my other interests include DIY, hiking, Scouting, new technology and my Mac Mini.


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